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Glen Deveron 16yo 1l

Glen Deveron

Glen Deveron 16yo 1l

Glen Deveron 16yo 1l, a distinguished Highland single malt, reveals layers of caramel, dried fruit, and subtle spice. Crafted in Scotland's majestic Highlands, this whisky combines tradition and elegance, offering a complex and satisfying sipping experience for those who cherish nuanced flavors.


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Glen Deveron 16yo 1l is a fine representation of Highland whisky craftsmanship. Aged for sixteen years, it exudes a rich palate of caramel, dried fruit, and a hint of spice. This single malt, born in the serene Scottish Highlands, showcases the region's expertise in whisky making. Every glass tells a story of heritage and refinement, making it a prized choice for whisky connoisseurs. Experience the depth and character of this Highland whisky.