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Dear Passenger, Beirut Duty-Free adheres to the Custom Rules and Regulations for Alcohol Purchases/Passenger at The Arrival Shops.


If you are arriving to Beirut and buying In-Store or Online, please check below regulations in order to complete your purchases successfully:

  1. Whiskies and Cognac: 2 Liters Per Passenger
    Example: 2* Whisky Bottles 1L or 3* Whisky Bottles 70CL
  2. White Spirits (Like Vodka, Rum, Gin and Tequila): 4 Liters Per Passenger
    Example: 4* Vodka Bottles 1L or 70CL
  3. Liqueur (Like Baileys, Jägermeister, etc…): 4 Liters Per Passenger
    Example: 4* Liqueur Bottles 1L or 70CL
  4. Champagne: 2 Liters Per Passenger
    Example: 3* Champagne Bottles 75CL or 1*Champagne Bottle 1.5L
  5. Arak: 4 Liters Per Passenger
    Example: 4* Arak Bottles 1L or 8* Arak Bottles 50CL
  6. Wine: 3.75 Liters/Passenger
    Example: 5* Wine Bottles 75CL

When it comes to Spirits and Wine Mix and Match, our system will automatically calculate your basket and notify you about the limit.

* For More Information Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Our Online Customer Service By Pressing “Need Any Help Button” On The Website.