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Aberlour Gasg Annamh Single Malt 1L


Aberlour Gasg Annamh Single Malt 1L

Casg Annamh is matured in three separate types of casks: European oak sherry casks, American oak sherry casks and American ex-bourbon casks. Both first fill and second fill casks are used.


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On the nose, there are notes of caramel, along with dried orange zest. There are also pronounced green fruit aromas of apple and pear, which are often found in Speyside whiskies, as well as a cereal note of cooked oatmeal and a bit of cinnamon. There is just a hint of alcohol burn on the nose. On the palate, there is a dried fruit sweetness, both green fruit and dark, along with notes of honey, caramel and milk chocolate. There are elements of wood spice, especially cinnamon, as well as cooked cereal and a bit of smoke.