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Sierra Gran Cafe 1L


Sierra Gran Cafe 1L

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An unparalleled depth of flavour marked by natural roasted Mexican coffee on the palate, the fresh taste of tropical fruit and characteristic lightly peppery agave notes. Finish: Elegant notes of toasted coffee with the rich sweetness of chocolate brownies. 


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Sierra Cafe fuses the elemental forces of handcrafted Sierra Tequila Blanco and Mexican coffee and crowns them with high-quality vanilla. Blue agave plants from the highlands, volcanic soil, double distillation in copper kettles and the knowledge of three generations of the same Mexican family preserve the fruity tequila taste while the full-bodied coffee and smooth vanilla turn this drink into a real highlight for the taste buds pure with fresh milk or mixed. Perfect neat or as an ingredient in a host of delicious cocktails. Aroma: Characteristic notes of slow toasted coffee, nutty nougat, hints of sun ripened fruit and rounded off by exquisitely aromatic herbal notes and spices.