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Aberfeldy 16 Yo Madeira 70cl


Aberfeldy 16 Yo Madeira 70cl

Discover the rich flavors of Aberfeldy 16 Yo Madeira 1l. This exceptional single malt, finished in Madeira casks, offers a unique fusion of sweet honey, dried fruit, and subtle spice. Perfect for whisky aficionados, it's a delightful journey of taste. Available now for your refined palate.


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Aberfeldy 16 Yo Madeira 1l is a remarkable expression of craftsmanship. Matured in traditional oak and finished in Madeira casks, it offers a distinct profile. The influence of the Madeira wood imparts notes of rich honey, dried fruits, and a whisper of spice, creating a complex and satisfying experience. Each sip reveals the meticulous ageing process and dedication to quality. Indulge in this exquisite whisky, a testament to the art of maturation.