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Yves Saint Laurent Libre Edt

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Edt

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Edt is an embodiment of freedom and boldness, designed for the modern woman who breaks boundaries while maintaining grace and strength. This fragrance merges the freshness of citrus with the intensity of floral notes, creating a long-lasting scent that's both liberating and utterly captivating.

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At the heart of Libre Edt is a flourish of Moroccan orange blossom, a radiant note that infuses the fragrance with luminosity and warmth. This is complemented by the boldness of lavender from France, traditionally used in male perfumery, reimagined here to craft a scent that blurs the lines between the masculine and the feminine. The base notes of white musk and vanilla extract add a subtle sweetness and depth, ensuring the fragrance leaves a memorable trail.