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Kérastase Specifique Intense Anti-thinning Care 42*6ml


Kérastase Specifique Intense Anti-thinning Care 42*6ml

Combat hair thinning with Kérastase Specifique Intense Anti-Thinning Care. This intensive treatment, comprising 42 vials of 6ml each, targets hair loss, promoting a healthier, denser hair growth. Ideal for those experiencing thinning hair, it energizes the scalp for visibly fuller hair.


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Kérastase Specifique Intense Anti-Thinning Care offers a concentrated, powerful solution for thinning hair. Each pack contains 42 vials of 6ml, formulated to tackle hair loss and thinning at the root. The treatment stimulates scalp health, encouraging stronger, denser hair growth over time. Apply one vial to the scalp daily, massaging gently to absorb, for a rejuvenated, fuller hair appearance. It's the perfect regimen for enhancing hair density and vitality.