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Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum 50ml


Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum 50ml

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum 50ml offers a new, more intense take on the classic Guilty fragrance, tailored for the man who confidently embraces his sensuality and sophistication. This parfum version elevates the original scent to a richer, more luxurious level.


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The fragrance opens with an invigorating and refined blend of Italian lemon and juniper, creating a fresh yet substantial aroma. It evolves into a distinctive heart where French lavender melds with nutmeg, exuding an elegant, spicy warmth. The base of the scent is a sophisticated combination of patchouli and cedarwood, deepening the fragrance with a woody, earthy richness that speaks to the modern man's strength and depth.