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Gucci Bloom Edt 100ml


Gucci Bloom Edt 100ml

Gucci Bloom Edt 100ml is a fragrance that encapsulates a garden in full bloom, a tribute to the authenticity and diverse facets of women. It's a scent that takes you on an olfactory journey through flowers and plants in an abundant garden.


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This fragrance opens with a fresh and natural greenness, a bouquet of rich, white florals. Jasmine bud extract, tuberose, and Rangoon creeper—a unique flower discovered in South India that changes color from white to pink to red when it blooms—combine to create a rich, creamy, and enveloping aroma. This vibrant floral core is anchored by a base that brings a soft, powdery comfort, leaving a trail that celebrates the true essence of a flourishing garden.

The design of the bottle, with its porcelain-like finish and clean lines, reflects the classic, sophisticated, and natural aesthetic of the fragrance.