Gucci Bamboo Edp 75ml


Gucci Bamboo Edp 75ml

Gucci Bamboo Edp 75ml is a fragrance that gracefully balances strength and confidence with femininity and poise. Inspired by the versatility and elegance of Bamboo, it embodies the complexities of the modern woman – both powerful and delicate.


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The scent opens with a crisp note of bergamot, blending with the exotic floral richness of ylang-ylang and Casablanca lily. This introduction sets a captivating and luxurious tone. The heart of the fragrance reveals a deep, creamy intensity of Tahitian vanilla and amber, adding a touch of warmth and sensuality. This evolves into a refined base of sandalwood, providing a smooth, lingering finish that encapsulates the essence of strength and grace.