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Dewar's Double Double 20yo 50cl


Dewar's Double Double 20yo 50cl

Experience the exquisite taste of Dewar's Double Double 20yo 500ml. A harmonious blend with notes of honey, citrus, and oak, this whisky offers a luxurious and smooth palate. Perfect for connoisseurs, it's a testament to the art of ageing and blending. Available now for your enjoyment.


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Dewar's Double Double 20yo 500ml is a masterpiece of whisky craftsmanship. Aged in oak casks for twenty years, this blend achieves unparalleled smoothness and complexity. Its rich history is encapsulated in each bottle, showcasing a legacy of excellence. With tasting notes of honey, citrus, and a hint of oak, it tells a story of tradition and innovation. Indulge in this extraordinary whisky for a truly exceptional experience.