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Bacardi Blanca Twin Pack 2*1L


Bacardi Blanca Twin Pack 2*1L

Bacardi Carta Blanca is a light tasting and aromatic white rum with delicate floral and fruity notes. It mixed well with all sodas, fresh juices, fresh apricot, crisp woody herbs (lavender, thyme), flowers, subtle fresh fruits, soft nuts (ground almonds/marzipan), light banana.


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Taste/palate: mild, soft, aromatic and delicate. Candied fruit, crystallised fruit, impressions of vanilla and apricot, sweet, creamy almond/marzipan flavours (almond croissant), sweet fruity overtones, smooth and light. Finish: dry, crisp and very clean finish slightly sweet. This pack contains: 2x Superior 37.5° 1L