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Armani/Privé Sable Nuit Edp 100ml


Armani/Privé Sable Nuit Edp 100ml

Armani/Privé Sable Nuit Edp 100ml is an olfactory journey into the heart of the desert at dusk when the sands turn to a soft blanket under the cloak of night.


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This fragrance encapsulates the serene majesty of the desert as evening falls. It opens with a whisper of bergamot and pink pepper, offering a subtle, spicy freshness reminiscent of the cool night air. The heart of the scent is where the magic of the night unfolds, with the deep, powdery notes of iris and benzoin creating an enchanting, mystical aura. The base of this exquisite perfume settles into the warmth of amber and Omani incense, a tribute to the traditional bonfires that light the endless nights. The bottle's deep blue and golden design reflects the night sky above the sandy dunes, a representation of the fragrance's name and inspiration.