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Armani/Privé Rouge Malachite Edp 100ml


Armani/Privé Rouge Malachite Edp 100ml

Armani/Privé Rouge Malachite Edp 100ml is a fragrance that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Russia, particularly its passionate and opulent architecture, culture, and religion. It's a tribute to the red malachite stone, symbolizing the pulsing heat of the Russian sun and the country's fiery soul.


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This exquisite scent is a lavish expression of warmth and sensuality. It opens with a bold burst of tuberose, a powerful and intoxicating flower that evokes the richness of Russian culture. The heart unfolds with Ylang Ylang and jasmine, adding a seductive, floral depth, reminiscent of the lush, sun-drenched landscapes. The base is a blend of amber and patchouli, creating a warm and enveloping finish that lingers like a long Russian summer's night. The bottle, in a striking shade of red, captures the essence of the fragrance: a passionate, powerful, and unforgettable scent.