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Armani/Privé Oud Royal Edp 100ml


Armani/Privé Oud Royal Edp 100ml

Enter the realm of majestic opulence with Armani/Privé Oud Royal Edp 100ml. This fragrance is an homage to the ancient traditions of the Middle East, revering one of the most precious and powerful ingredients in the perfumer's palette: oud wood.


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Armani/Privé Oud Royal Edp 100ml is a fragrance that celebrates oud, a rare resin exuded by Aquilaria trees, a material more valuable than gold. The scent is a tapestry of complexity and depth, opening with the smoky notes of incense and balanced by the aromatic depth of sandalwood. The heart unfolds with a fusion of amber and rose, a sweet and rich melody that complements the robustness of oud. The base anchors the fragrance with myrrh and saffron, lending it a spicy, leathery quality that resonates with the warmth of the skin. The bottle's regal design, dark and ornate, reflects the luxury and nobility of the scent it contains.