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Armani/Privé Indigo Tanzanite Edp 100ml


Armani/Privé Indigo Tanzanite Edp 100ml

Armani/Privé Indigo Tanzanite Edp 100ml is a fragrance that takes inspiration from the mysterious Tanzanite gemstone, native to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. This scent is a tribute to the stone's unique indigo-blue color, embodying both rarity and captivating depth.


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The fragrance opens with a luminous and refreshing blend of bergamot and spices, creating an invigorating introduction reminiscent of the first light of dawn over the Tanzanian landscape. The heart of the scent reveals a sophisticated accord of iris and benzoin, capturing the cool, velvety depth of the Tanzanite stone. This evolves into a warm, sensual base of amber and oud, reflecting the rich earthiness and ancient strength of the African plains. The bottle, in a deep shade of indigo, mirrors the enigmatic and luxurious essence of the fragrance, inviting a journey into the heart of Africa's natural splendor.