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Armani/Privé Pivoine Suzhou Edt 100ml


Armani/Privé Pivoine Suzhou Edt 100ml

Armani/Privé Pivoine Suzhou Edt 100ml is a fragrance that captures the delicate beauty of the gardens in Suzhou, often referred to as the Venice of the East. It's a tribute to the peony, revered as the queen of flowers in Chinese tradition, symbolizing prosperity, beauty, and honor.


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This scent is a harmonious blend of elegance and natural simplicity. It opens with a sparkling introduction of mandarin orange and pink pepper, offering a fresh, lively start that mirrors the first light of day in the Suzhou gardens. The heart of the fragrance is a luxurious bouquet of peonies, layered with the soft, aquatic nuances of lotus and the gentle touch of rose, creating a lush, floral melody. The base notes of musk and patchouli bring a subtle depth, grounding the ethereal florals with a touch of earthiness. The bottle, with its clear, clean lines and soft pink hue, reflects the fragrance's femininity and the serene beauty of the Suzhou gardens.